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Safety Premiums, A Division of The Reflectory, was incorporated in 1970, and is currently enjoying it's 41st year in business.  In 1973 we pioneered the use of imprinted reflectors in the promotional marketplace, and have been doing so ever since. 69% of all pedestrian deaths and injuries occur in the hours of darkness [NHTSA STATISTICS], and using a reflector has been proven to reduce the night time accident rate by 50% or more.

Safety Premiums original product line consisted of four reflective stickers, a set of four "Hot Dots", a reflecting patch, and 2 sizes of reflective strips. This line grew steadily until a 1992 merger with Reflectix, which has exploded the array of soft vinyl products to over 350 reflector elements of assorted sizes and shapes in seventen reflective colors, all made here in the United States. Now FEY has acquired Reflectix. Visit Reflectix from our "links" page.

In the early 1980's Safety Premiums introduced hard molded reflectors to the industry, beginning with five reflector shapes for zipper tags, key tags and dangling reflectors. These were imported from the Scandanavian countries, the pioneers in pedestrian reflective safety programs.  With this new site, our hard molded reflector line is expanded to 19 shapes, many available in multiple colors.  In addition, our company offers the ability to produce custom molded reflector shapes in any popular reflector color. In addition we have factories we work with in China which make our own custom hard molded reflector shapes, as well as soft vinyl prism reflector zipper tags for community safety programs.

The Reflectory Division of the company provides industrial reflectors for photoelectric controls and other applications.  Visit The Reflectory site from the "links" page.